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Hear the drumbeat, it is green

23 December 2020, Mumbai: Company boards and managements have been delivering a jeremiad, lambasting regulators for asking them for too much data and disclosures. To most meeting the 2˚C target is equivalent of asking them to boil the ocean: the CSR spend is their badge of good corporate citizenship. For investors, sifting through reams of data and understanding the taxonomy is the equivalent of the bucket challenge: “it is the current rage, so I am doing it, but will it deliver alpha?” From the prime minister, to the regulators, to those setting global standards, to investors, to the communities they operate in, to the millennials who, if not already, will be their future customers, the drumbeat is changing. Corporates should hear it and it is green. Technology and regulations may mean one step backward for two steps forward or maybe without even moving forward, but it is this groundswell corporates will now need to march to. To read the blog click Here


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