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Five years since, has CSR made a difference?

By Invitation: Srikrishna ‘Krishna’ Sridhar Murthy

2020 will be known for many things and five years of implementation of the CSR law in India will be one among them. Over the last few months the teams at Sattva has been getting many requests from CSR leaders and especially the CxOs and Committee members on the Board, to help them answer questions on their CSR. “It has been five years since we have been funding these kinds of programs, what tangible impact have we created? Can we measure it?”, “I am unable to clearly articulate our CSR vision in a public forum, we can’t just talk about X number of projects…shouldn’t we have a vision?”, “How do we communicate what we do in CSR to our internal and external stakeholders?”, “Are we doing too many things, should we just choose one or two areas and go deep”, “Should we setup our own corporate foundation”, “What are my peers doing in CSR, can we collaborate with other corporate”, “We would love to fund more innovation, but how?”….and the list goes on.

In this guest blog, Srikrishna ‘Krishna’ Sridhar Murthy of Sattva answers the question every corporate has been asking ‘five years since, has CSR been making a difference to society?’

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