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Five things you must know about: Infosys’ remuneration to KMP’s

Infosys has recently appointed/classified six employees as Key Management Personnel (KMP’s).

  1. Ravi Kumar S.

  2. Mohit Joshi

  3. Sandeep Dadlani

  4. Rajesh K. Murthy

  5. Krishnamurthy Shankar

  6. G K Radhakrishnan

These are in addition to Vishal Sikka (CEO &MD), UB Pravin Rao (COO), M. D. Ranganath (CFO) and A. G. S Manikantha (Company Secretary).

With these appointments, the total KMP’s moves up to ten.

The appointment of Vishal Sikka and UB Pravin Rao was put to shareholders to vote and IiAS’ recommended voting for their re-appointment and salary.

The other appointments and salary do not come to shareholders to vote, yet has been attracting scrutiny. It is this context that IiAS reviewed the remuneration data for 2015-16 and 2016-17.

IiAS finds that the increase is largely because of growth in equity linked pay. Fixed pay and cash bonus has shown a marginal growth in some cases and has de-grown for some.

Exhibit 1 ad Exhibit 2 gives the detailed remuneration beak-up.

For entire report click here

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