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Board Evaluation in India: Disclosure and Practices 2015-16

This is our second study on board evaluation disclosures and practices in India. This compilation is for FY 2015-16: the first study covered FY 2014-15.

This report expands on the first. The first study reviewed disclosures made by 75 companies (- the NSE Nifty 50 index plus another 25 large chosen at random), on their board evaluation practices. The scope of this study includes disclosures of 100 listed companies, of which 50 are part of NIFTY 50 index and the balance 50 are part of Nifty Midcap 50 index. It compares the changes in board evaluation practices, over the previous year, for these 100 companies, providing a sense of how these have evolved.

Only now that it has become mandatory that Indian companies have begun to formally evaluate their boards. Yet as there are sensitivities around discussing board performance, disclosures tend to be patchy. These need to be strengthened. While companies can access the websites and view board evaluation practices, compiling this for 100 large companies, helps identify trends, practices and disclosures adopted by India’s leading companies. These can then be shared with a wider audience and can serve as a reference guide to all Indian companies, to help improve the performance and effectiveness of their boards.

For full report click here

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